"I find Jessica's images eerie, beautiful, mysterious, quite film noir - all the elements of a pyscho drama, playing with scale and how our identification of objects at night becomes an act of imagination and uncertainty. The dolls house has a sense of terror to it in its very mundanity and that plays into that change of reality and atmosphere that unlit spaces have at night, what we all feel when the known becomes unknown. Jessica has managed to go some way towards capturing that feeling very well and in each image details reveal themselves rather in the way the eye sees in the dark as the iris opens."- Mike Trow- British Vogue picture editor. 


"I was struck by the noirish atmosphere of these images and felt they successfully conveyed the contradictions at the heart of the uncanny or unhomely. The scenes and objects are vaguely recognisable but the familiarity is disturbed by strange scale, movement, blur or proximity. There is a dreamlike quality to the images in the sense that the places and objects seem to take on characteristics at once quite normal and terrifying at the same time." - Clare Gallagher- BA(Hons) Photography Course Director at Ulster University. 


Instagram: @daviesjessicalyn

June 2017 - Commissioned by Wagamama to produce photography for their social media. 


February 2017- Clare Callagher, BA(Hons) Photography Course Director at Ulster University selected my work as one of her favourites as part of Source Photographic Review. 


July 2016- 'Collective 20'- Free Range- London- A collaborative of 20 recent graduate photographers from the University of Brighton.


June 2016- Mike Trow picture editor at British Vogue recommended 'Midnight Heterotopias' as one of his favourites as part of Source Photographic Review.


June 2016- "Undergraduate Degree Show'- Brighton- The final works of all those graduating in Fine Art Photography at the University of Brighton 2016. 


May 2016- "The Grand Hotel' Brighton- A permanent exhibition in collaboration with Park Grove Boutique Interiors in the redesign of the main female bathroom inside The Grand Hotel, Brighton. 


March 2015- 'Presence'- Brighton- A collaboration between five undergraduate photographers at the Onca Gallery, Brighton. 


September 2013- 'BA(Hons) Fine Art Photography- Enrolled onto a three-year undergraduate course at the University of Brighton.


September 2010- 'South Downs College'- Portsmouth- Studying arts, design, photography and dance.